So you're thinking about selling your home? 

You may be moving, selling an investment property, or inherited a loved one's home. No matter the reason, the end result is that you want the home sold for the best price. Over 20+ years, our team has developed a process that combines local market expertise, cutting edge marketing, proven sales techniques, and excellent customer service to ensure our homeowners sell for the highest price, in the shortest time, and with the least hassle possible.  

Hiring experts saves you $$ 

Hundreds of homeowners all over Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties have trusted Team Sandy Blanton with their real estate transactions. Over that time, the expertise gained in pricing trends, marketing, inventory, negotiating, and contracts has resulted in higher prices and less stress for our clients. In fact, our homeowners sell for 8% more than if they sold themselves and 2% more than if they hired the average agent.

Marketing Philosophy

Everyone goes online to get information and make purchases. Real estate is no different. Generating high demand for your home means we must attract buyers in the places they are looking most. First, we create beautiful media that is engaging and grabs a buyer's attention. Then, we pay to advertise in Google, social media, and premium listing sites so that the media we create is exposed to the highest amount of qualified buyers as possible. Finally, our highly trained sales team pushes your home to every buyer so that anyone interested has the opportunity to make a purchase. 

Engaging buyers with captivating media

Professional Photography

Aerial Drone Photos

3D Interactive Tours

There are countless advantages from this high tech 3D interactive tour that allows buyers to explore every inch of your home without ever setting a foot inside. We place this 3D prominently in all of our advertising. 

Just click to navigate through this property

Advertising to reach 100% of the active buyers in our market

To create the most demand, we must get your home in front of as many potential buyers as possible. We know most people shop and get their information from the internet so we pay to advertise on Facebook, premium listings sites like Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia, and Google. 

How Facebook Advertising will help sell your home

Many Realtors will tell you that they will post your home on Facebook. Posting and advertising are not the same. We have our in-house marketing professional pay to advertise your home to thousands in our area. Facebook ads allow us to generate leads specifically for your listing. Here's how it works. 

  1. The beautiful media created for your home is turned into a professionally design Facebook post. 
  2. We pay to "boost" this post so it reaches thousands in our area that we identify as potential buyers. 
  3. Interested buyers click on a link for more info on your home and are prompted to register on our website. Our inside-sales team then promptly follows up with each lead to gauge their interest and buying capability. 
  4. We do this for all of our listings and grow our database of active buyers who look to us for their local real estate info. When you list with us, we give our database exclusive "coming soon" access to new listings, which creates a buzz and jumpstarts demand for your property. 

Example Facebook Post

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Advertising on Google and Premium Listing Sites

We also pay to advertise your property to buyers actively searching for homes on Google, Zillow, Realtor, and Trulia. The overwhelming majority of active buyers use these sites to find homes. Buyers register to get more information on our property and our inside sales team promptly follows up to sell them on your home and add them to our database. 

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Why hiring a team to sell your home makes sense

Most real estate agents are performing the jobs of multiple people, are stretched to their limits, and ultimately the client suffers. We have invested our resources in developing a team of specialists resulting are higher prices and less stress for our clients. 

Buyer Specialists

Our buyer's specialists are agents that focus on the buying side of real estate. Along with using their expertise to advise people on buying decisions, these professionals are highly trained in cultivating relationships with potential buyers in the local community. Every new listing received is pushed by our specialists to their network and every new lead we receive on your home. 

Inside Sales Assistant

A major problem for real estate companies is not enough time to thoroughly respond and vet out buyer leads. Every lead we receive is promptly followed up with by our inside sales assistants. Qualified interested buyers are set to meet with our buyer's specialists about your listing. Our goal is to make sure that every interested person in your home is treated to excellent customer service. 

Listing Coordinator

Each of our sellers has a listing coordinator dedicated to overseeing their home sale from listing creation all the way through closing. Your listing coordinator regularly updates you on the status of your sale, provides feedback from buyers, and ensures a smooth transaction process. 

Pre-inspections and Private Appraisals to make sure we get it right

We want to make sure you are confident and informed on your home sale. So we pay for pre-inspections and private appraisals for our sellers when necessary. Pre-inspections allow us anticipate any possible issues that could hold up your home sale once under contract. Additionally, ordering a private appraisal gives us a second opinion of value from an impartial third party. 


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Ready to get started? 

If you have plans to sell this year, contact us for a free listing consultation. We will assess your home and make a professional recommendation on your best options in the hope that you will consider our firm when you're ready to list your home.