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10 Reasons A Home Does Not Sell

1. Poor photography 

Professional photography is an absolute must to make your home stand out online and to give the buyer an engaging, user-friendly experience. Bad photos are the quickest way to have a buyer overlook your home. 

2. Short description

Buyers search for specific criteria. It could be that you they are looking for "mahogany wood flooring" or "vaulted ceilings". The only way to guarantee that buyers find your home is to include every detail in your homes description so that your home is included in an MLS search.

3. Priced incorrectly

Agents should be pricing your home strategically for maximum visibility. I'm not talking about a drastic price drop just to sell your house. When buyers are searching online they search in $25k or $50k  price increments. Whenever possible pricing homes in between price brackets gives your home more visibility. 

4. No Virtual Tour

Our area is constantly being shopped by military, vacationers, and other out of town buyers. Many of these people will have one shot to see homes in person before they buy. This makes homes with virtual tours extremely appealing. We use 3D interactive virtual tours that allow buyers to see every inch of a house without ever setting a foot inside. 

5. No Lead Generation Strategy

Not many agents have a real strategy to generate leads for specifically for your home outside of making it available for in-market buyers in the MLS, Zillow, and Trulia. The fact is not everyone who would buy your home is actively looking all the time so it's important to maximize exposure to the whole market. At TSB, one strategy we utilize is Facebook generate leads for out listings and our inside sales teams follows up to screen motivated capable buyers. 

6. Not placed in leading real estate websites

Believe it or not, we've come across customers who had agents who didn't place their home on Zillow, Trulia, or These sites are leading resources in real estate listings and must be used to their full abilities. 

7. Lack of available customer service

A major complaint we hear is that a customer signed with an agent and then never heard from them again. Even worse, the agent was hard for buyers and buyer's agents to reach for showings. You want to make sure that your agent has a team of professionals and the systems in place to make sure you and any prospect for your home is treated with excellent customer service. 

8. No showing follow ups

Another oversight is not following up with buyers or their agents after they saw your home. The feedback from these people is invaluable because you never know what could be turning people off from your home. Furthermore, the buyers have probably seen many homes and it's a great way effective agents keep your property top of mind. 

9. No active buyer database

Agents with an effective lead generation strategy usually have a large database of buyers. If this database is cultivated correctly then it can be very useful. There is always a buyer who stopped looking and just needs that perfect property to show up to make the move. 

10. No Print Strategy

With so much of real estate marketing done online now, it can be easy forget how effective direct marketing with print materials can add extra demand to a home. We provide professionally custom designed flyers, posters, business cards, etc perfect for open houses, work, church, or places to easily distribute. 

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