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4 Essentials Your Home Should Have For College Football Glory


Whether you’re rooting for the Tide, Tigers, Gators, Bulldogs, or Noles, you’ll want a large open living area with lots of seating so everyone can have the perfect view of that huge Flat Screen TV. Not to mention plenty of space to properly consume game day food and beverages. Which brings us to essential #2.


You’ll want to ditch that carpet for flooring that will last. You have at least 11 more weeks of ketchup stains, dropped mac n cheese, and impromptu chest bumps to get through. Pulling up that old carpet and putting down some nice tile or wood will also add surprising value to your home.


Another is necessity is a home with a nice wide-open concept. You’ll want to be able to easily read what is going on in the kitchen with the food. When the game goes to commercial you’ll have a big hole to run through to the fridge to grab another cold beverage. Your friends will also appreciate being able to clearly yell at you from the couch to grab them one.


What we’re talking about here is a game changer.  The X factor is something that gives you the edge to watch the game at your house. For me, this has to be the outdoor entertainment. First, you’ll need a nice patio area big enough for a grill, maybe a smoker. It will also need to be big enough for some outdoor seating so the non-game watchers can entertain themselves.  Make you sure you have a big backyard. Put those children out there and let them run around for 4 hours. When the big night game comes they’ll be sound asleep.

Good luck this season to your team and when you’re ready to find your college football dream home contact us here at Team Sandy Blanton Realty.

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