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7 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home During The Holidays

1. Less Competition

With many waiting until the new year to list homes there is far less competition if you have it listed in November and December. This means increased exposure with potential buyers and less inventory could mean a price increase. 

2. People looking during holiday time are serious buyers

Even though there are less buyers, people who are shopping for homes during the holiday season are very motivated to buy quickly. Many are relocated for work and will have to find a home before school starts for their kids in January. 

3. Beat the new year competition 

Every new year the market is flooded with listings that were holding off until after the holidays. New construction is also expected to rise in 2017. Both of these factors equal less demand for your home. Less demand could mean waiting longer for your home to sell or at a lower price. 

The idea here is beating the crowd. We'll get your home lots of exposure in November and December so that we'll have motivated buyers coming with offers-in-hand as soon the season ends. 

4. Your home show will better

Decorations, lights, Christmas trees and the overall holiday atmosphere actually increase the attractiveness of your home. Buyers love homeyness and your home will show very well during this peak time of emotional purchasing.  

5. Stay in your home through the holidays even if you sell 

If your home does sell and you can't move until new year, don't worry. We can actually negotiate to allow you to remain in the home past closing. 

6. More purchasing power

When the new year comes, you will be a much more powerful buyer since your home will already be sold. You'll be shopping with no contingencies while your competition will have to secure a contract on their current home before they can move. 

7. Buyers are more available

 People simply have more time off during the holiday season. We find that active buyers have much more time to go see homes. Plus, as we said before active buyers during this time are very serious. Having your home on the market while very serious buyers are most available gives you a really shot at finding the perfect buyer. 

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