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What Can You Do If You Need to Sell Before Buying a Home?

What Can You Do If You Need to Sell Before Buying a Home?

 If you’re looking to buy a home but you need to sell your current one first, what options do you have? I’ll provide you with three.

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If you’ve been out shopping for a home, you’ve probably noticed that there are very few homes listed for sale. Oftentimes, when they’re listed, they’re already under contract or in the midst of a multiple offer situation.

Every day, we struggle to get out buyers’ offers accepted on listings as the market continues to heat up for sellers. Most of our listings are selling in less than 30 days and with multiple offers on them.

If you have a house to sell before you buy your next home, you’re at a particular disadvantage because no seller in this marketplace will take an offer on their house contingent to the sale and closing of your home.

However, at Team Sandy Blanton Realty, we have some options for you that you might not have heard of. We have a database of over 12,000 potential buyers in our system, so if we list your house, we can often blast your listing out to those 12,000 people and have an offer to you within days.

"If you have a house to sell before you buy your next home, you’re at a particular disadvantage."

Additionally, we can lease your house. We have hundreds of rentals here at TSB, so we can lease your house and the mortgage company will count that rental income towards your ratios; that way, you’ll likely be able to qualify for a mortgage on your dream home.

Once you get moved into your new house, we can list your previous house for sale and get it sold with the tenant in place and provide a cancellation or a lease provision to them.

We can also provide you with a valid offer on your house, either directly from us or one of our investor customers. This offer won’t be as high as we could get on the retail market, of course, but it would be an option for you. We could remove the contingency of your house having to be sold before you buy your dream home. Afterward, we would then take the house and refurbish it to either sell or rent.

If you have any questions about how we can help you get into your next dream home as stress-free as possible, feel free to reach out to us. We’d be happy to help you.

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Most of the time if you own a home, you need to sell or rent that home before you can buy your next home. Learn more about options for home sellers 

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